Friday, 10 August 2012

Cover me: We'd like to help you learn to help yourself...

After the emotion of Johnny Cash last week, I thought I'd lighten the mood a little for this Friday's cover song. The Lemonheads covered this to promote the release of "The Graduate" on VHS - okay, let's pause for some snerks and lols, VHS you guys! - way back in 1992. I was only ten, but I remember watching the video clip with Georgia, as this was back in the days when people would tape things off Rage and watch them over and over... It's such a kicky cover, and I love how low-budget the video clip is. It's all so un-styled and un-choreographed - it's kind of refreshing. Plus, Evan Dando was one of my early crushes. What can I say...

One of the good things about being the youngest child, is you get exposed to a lot of cool stuff before your friends do, courtesy of your older siblings. Georgia and our brother have pretty good taste in music, and even though I wasn't really a teenager in the grunge heyday, I do feel like I was part of it and watching clips like this makes me a wee bit nostalgic.



  1. Thanks sis! :) One of your early crushes?! You weren't alone. I'll have to dig out the photos from the in-store appearance I went to back then. I think I got the Mrs Robinson single autographed.
    I read this - - the other day about Dando and Juliana Hatfield. I like the article and don't like it at the same time. 'It's a shame about' Evan...

  2. Yeah, I see exactly what you mean - I liked it and disliked it too.

    I think I remember those photos! Isn't there a really weird super close up one from when he stuck his face right up in your lens?