Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Somethings.

1. Summertime.


2. Too-late musical discoveries.

Sometimes you discover a band and it's too late. It's their last album. You spend some time catching up on their back catalogue and then you want more... but they are gone. They were already gone when you came across their music. There are some bands you just wish would reform, for one more album, or for one more tour. The Sundays came into my life around 2000 or 2001 and I would love more.

And how about those '90s fashions? Black bodysuit with Levi 501s - cuffed of course, wide black belt with large buckle, and you can probably assume there are some Doc Martens in there somewhere too.

2. The Parker - Palm Springs.

I wish they made hotels that look like this in Australia! If you like mid-century style and breeze-blocks then you might enjoy the pictures of this stylish looking place.

3. Bad Garage Sale Signs. 

What ever happened to the art of good garage sale signs? Doesn't anyone own a thick black texta or some black paint anymore?

"Oh, I know what will get noticed by passing cars - pink highlighter texta on an A4-sized piece of paper."

Wrong! Try again!

"Oh, well, what about if I stick it to a tree some distance from the road and the footpath? I'll put it behind this one that only has tape at the bottom now so you can't read it anymore because it has fallen over on itself. Will that be OK? People stop their cars to get out and read small signs don't they?"

Examples of poorly placed garage sale signs. (The one written with pink highlighter was gone when I went to take a photo of it unfortunately but I'm sure you can imagine it.)

4. Computer Game Glitches.

I think I love a computer game graphics glitch almost as much as I love watching shows about hoarders. Here are a few that made me chuckle as I've gamed over the last couple of years.

Skyrim glitch - "Oh, don't mind me - my legs are now encased in stone but I still like a chat."

The Sims - what happened to that cat!? My video card just isn't up to scratch when it comes to the Pets expansion pack.

The Sims - alien baby.

The Sims - I can't quite get the hang of this guitar.

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  1. Hahahaha to the garage sale signs! I always think that too! Especially the ones they put on the roundabout near my place... Black texta on a cardboard box on the middle of the roundabout - really people? REALLY?