Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Getting in touch with our '90s.

This week Caroline and I are gearing up for a '90s flashback. With tickets to see Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando, my memories of gigs-gone-by and in-store appearances are flooding back. They were two of my favourite acts in my defining years. Not the only defining acts but my Juliana cassettes were on very high rotation in my Walkman in my final years of high school.

Here are a couple of shots of Evan Dando taken by my friends and I at an 'in-store' (from 1992 or 1993 maybe?) alongside a Juliana Hatfield magazine clipping in my old clippings folder. I have  a vague memory that she wrote about this photo in her book When I Grow up: A Memoir. And I have a vague memory that Evan was a bit 'floaty' at the autograph table.

I know I saw The Lemonheads play at least once in my youth. There was definitely one gig at Sydney Uni with Tumbleweed as support. We spotted a very young Ben Lee wandering around... and when I say 'very young' he was only a few years younger than me but I was pretty young.

Here is an old Lemonheads favourite of mine, 'Rockin' Stroll'. I believe the clip was filmed along Glebe Point Road and that the child in the pram belongs to one of the girls from The Hummingbirds (another of my favourite bands from the time).

I have only seen Juliana play once so far but my memory of that gig is a bit clearer. I think it was 1996 and it was at the Wollongong Uni Bar. It may have been the student end-of-year party. I went along with my brother that time and it was a great show for sure. This time I will be seeing her with my sister... so of course, here is her song 'My Sister'.

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