Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sifting through bookmarks again - Spoonflower

Spoonflower is a place I have bookmarked many times. It is a place that seems to be eternally on my to-do list. It is a place where you can have your own designs printed on fabric and that is something I'd love to do one day. But what to print? They have tutorials to help you turn your ideas into files ready for printing with tips for how to get the best results and if you don't consider yourself much of a designer you can often buy other people's prints.

Spoonflower runs regular competitions based around a weekly theme. One of my favourites (which I obviously bookmarked) was a 'softies' theme. My favourite entry was probably this 'Fab Fox' by 'Happy Sew Lucky'. A super hero in y-fronts. (Click through to see some cute pictures on her own website if you are interested. I'm not quite sure what the protocol is around using other people's pictures if you are spruiking their websites... do you just go for it? Or do you email and ask permission? Is there a general consensus? Check our link to our Pinterest boards and I'll add a few 'pins' there.) Another cute entry was called 'Kawaii Kitchen' which I believe came in at number one. They could be some fun school holiday projects for kids who like to sew.


  1. Hey sis - I think the general consensus is, as long as you credit them and link back, then it's all good :)

  2. I'll try that next time then :) x

  3. Hi Georgia
    Thanks for the lovely plug about my Fab Fox, and for linking to my blog. Someone clicked through which is how I just found you. Glad you liked ol' Fab Fox as he is probably my fave of all my Happy Sew Lucky designs.
    Thought I'd drop you a note to say hi, and to chat about your image usage comment. I don't know what the "general rule" is, but as per my rather snotty blurb on my blog, I usually go by what my mom taught me growing up: "Don't take someone's things without asking first." I wrote this snotty / snitty blurb after a few bloggers used my pics without asking or crediting, and one particularly unpleasant one "borrowed" one of my pattern designs and then instructed her readers to do the same but linked to my blog so they could follow the tutorial on how to make it. As you can imagine, that really ticked me off and inspired my rant about nicking my pics. I think the big picture is that whatever you do it should be respectful. People do sometimes use my pics without asking - silly really because as long as they are using it to promote my product and they do it in a nice way I'd be happy to say "Sure!" - but if they don't ask and are respectful I don't complain.
    Lastly you have the same name as my daughter, which must make you a splendid human being. Another reason why I had to drop you a little hello.

    1. Thanks Berene! You're more than welcome for the link to your blog.
      Thanks for your thoughts about using peoples' images. It was really nice of you to take the time to write! I think I am on the same page as you with this. I know I would feel the same if people had 'borrowed' something I'd put effort into and not credited me or linked back.
      Thanks for the comment about my name too :) I love hearing that I share my name with nice people. When I was a kid I rarely came across another Georgia although it is a bit more popular nowadays.

      And lastly, your zip-up zombie is hilarious!
      Kind regards,