Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Happy One-month-blog-iversary to us!

Picture courtesy of our parents.
That month went fast here in the internet! Happy one-month-blog-iversary to us! One month down and ...many more to go hopefully.

No birthday giveaways or other such celebrations here at this stage but big thanks to all our friends who have been visiting and to any strangers who have swung past to take a look. Leave us a comment introducing yourself if you feel like it. We'd love to know who our audience is. Let us know what you like best about the blog... if anything. I certainly haven't even skimmed the surface of what I hoped to achieve here just yet. As The Carpenters would sing - 'We've Only Just Begun... '!

The Four Letter Birds birds. Picture courtesy of our parents.


  1. I remember when you decided you wanted profiteroles instead of a real cake for your birthday. SO disappointing.