Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What's got your blogging stopping, Georgia?

Lately I've been trying to work out why I haven't been blogging much.

Recently, Caroline seems to have really found her blog-mojo again but mine has been AWOL for a while. There are obvious physical reasons like most of my time is spent looking after a 2-year-old but I knew there must be other mental reasons.

It occurred to me that maybe I'm spending too much energy trying to blog like (some) other bloggers. I had it in my head that I had to blog like the cute 20-somethings who like to go out to abandoned factories and pose in their favourite outfits from Modcloth or Urban Outfitters. Don't get me wrong, I have bought some nice things from Modcloth in the past but I'm not a cute 20-something who likes to be in front of a camera and I couldn't blog like that if I tried. I am me. A 30-something who does like a lot of the things that appear on those sorts of blogs but who is also a mum who likes looking for vintage Fisher Price toys on eBay for myself my son or sewing wonky bibs for him. I need to keep reminding myself to stop trying so hard to be something that I'm not. It's an old lesson but it pops up at various times in life doesn't it?

From now on I am going to try to stop attempting to create a 'blog persona' and just write about the things I have actually been looking at, doing or thinking about. Maybe it doesn't seem like I've been trying to be someone else here on the blog... it's hard to know without having some distance from the blog... but that's how it seems inside my head. Hopefully a change of attitude will make it easier for me to write again.

Here are a couple of things I've been looking at or thinking about lately.

1. The Small Object - 2013 Daily Resolution Chart.

I've printed this chart out and put it on the fridge door to track my 'Quit Coca Cola' progress. There are a lot of other cute things on The Small Object blog and in the shop too. I've been visiting the site for quite a few years now.

2. Without getting into politics, I like our Prime Minister Julia Gillard's new glasses.

I know it is probably old news now but I think they look good. I'm not sure I'd call them 'hipster' glasses like in the linked article but they are quite stylish. To tell you the truth, I'm not entirely sure what a 'hipster' is these days... but who cares anyway?

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