Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday Reads

So, Saturday mornings are generally when I find somewhere comfy to park myself with my laptop and a coffee and I catch up on all my favourite blogs and links that I've bookmarked or emailed to myself over the week. I guess it's my version of sitting down with the weekend papers. I thought I would start sharing some of these as a regular Saturday feature on the blog...we'll see! 

Over at Welcome to Ladyville, Kerry is talking about Jeff Goldblum. I mean really, who doesn't want to talk about Jeff Goldblum? The man is a delight.

US Vogue's latest cover lady is Rooney Mara, who I have to say, I find fairly fascinating. I think it's the eyebrows. I miss her super short fringe though - or bangs, as the northern Americans say. Plus, I find Hamish Bowles' features in Vogue a good deal less annoying than much of their stable of pet writers. 

Picture (c)

The Disney short Paperman is nominated for best short film at this year's Oscars and can be viewed on the inter webs for those who didn't manage to catch it before a screening of Wreck it Ralph. It is so lovely. And also, our leading man is like a 2D Jim Halpert - in other words, adorably charming. A pretty mean feat for a black and white cartoon dude who doesn't speak.

Lonely Island have a new song! "YOLO" (You only live once) is pretty much safe for work and under 18s, which is probably a first for them. Is it embarrassing that I didn't even know what YOLO meant until I watched a parody based on it? Probably. Oh well. It also features Adam Levine. I think that's pertinent information.

I recently bought a mud mask from Maeve Botanicals and I think I'm in love. It's only $14! Winning! Plus, they are 100% natural, and 100% ethical and 100% cruelty free. I like it. 

There is potentially going to be a movie of one of my favourite John Green novels, "The Fault in Our Stars." Hoorah!

Wondering how to write a good professional thank you note? Adulting has you covered.

This article about the cover image chosen for a recent reissue of The Bell Jar got me thinking about how books are marketed to women, especially young women. I know if I see a book cover with involving lipstick or shoes I don't even bother picking it up.

If I hadn't already cut my hair, I'd be going for the Karlie Kloss bob for sure.

30 Rock finishes up this week! This is a pretty good summary of the awesomeness of Tina Fey. 


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