Saturday, 5 January 2013

How to Quit Drinking Cola Without Really Trying.

Yeah... I've got no idea... It's time to try though.

I've been drinking too much of the stuff for too long so at Christmas time I was talking about this problem with my family around the dinner table. My aunt and sister have both decided to make a deal with me. If I can quit drinking cola by Valentine's day I 'win a prize'! I believe part of this prize will probably be a small purchase from one of Caroline's and my favourite clothing stores in Sydney, Dragstar. Will that be motivation enough to put the habit behind me? I hope so. It is an expensive and unhealthy habit for sure. There are plenty of other reasons to give it up I know.

The last time I stopped drinking cola was when I was pregnant. It tasted absolutely foul to me so it was no effort to stop it that time around.  Once the morning sickness passed and our little boy was born it tasted normal again and I fell right back into the habit. A refreshing can after struggling to get the baby to sleep seemed good but once you start worrying that you don't have any in the house and you must get to the supermarket as soon as possible you know you have a problem, right?

So here I go. Operation Quit cola 2013.
Wish me luck. 40 days until the deadline.

(And thanks to my family for encouraging me to do this again. Gah! Where's the ibuprofen?)


  1. Go sis! You can do it!

    I like the idea that it's not about breaking bad habits but about building new ones e.g. it's not just about quitting the cola, it's about drinking more water/soda water/herbal tea etc. Stop feeding the old neural pathway and start building a new one...

    I am so proud of you for committing to this!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I have been drinking more tea and more water. We'll see how I go. :)