Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Some new tunes for me, and for you.

How do people find new music these days? I seem to come across new bands via my friends or occasionally I will stumble across something new on the internet. I never, ever listen to the radio anymore, mostly because I don't really drive my car all that often and it never really occurs to me to listen to the radio around the house. Plus, both Nelly Furtado and The Ataris wrote songs about how much the radio sucks, and I kind of agree with them. It's starting to become a problem though - I find myself listening to the same things over and over (and over) again and occasionally I'll be out somewhere and a song will start playing that everyone except me knows the words to. Given that I am known for my ability to absorb the words of pop songs into the very fabric of my being, I'm thinking I need to lift my game. And the fact that  both the pop songs I just referenced are over ten years old just goes to prove my point, right? I mean seriously, how many of you forgot about Nelly Furtado?

I've stumbled across two new artists recently that I thought I would share. One of my extremely cool friends put me onto Father John Misty, and in particular the song "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings." Incredibly catchy and a little unsettling - isn't that how we like our pop music these days? Also, the video clip features Aubrey Plaza eating flowers and spazzing out in all kinds of ways. Parks and Recreation fans might appreciate as she still manages to breakdown in a remarkably unemotional fashion. Deadpan is the name of her game.


If you enjoy this, it's probably worth checking out this clip of the song "I'm Writing a Novel" - Joshua Tillman's dancing is pretty amazing. But, just to give you some perspective, I think everyone's dancing is amazing. I love those who dance! Dancing means enthusiasm for life and enthusiasm always gets full marks in my opinion. 

The second artist I've come across recently is JJAMZ. It's kind of a "super group", being an amalgamation of members of bands such as Phantom Planet, Maroon 5 (not Adam Levine, sadly...), and Bright Eyes. I came across this band after reading about them on another blog (Imboycrazy - PLEASE NOTE! - some, okay, a lot, of the images on this blog are NSFW nor are they appropriate for the younger peeps, just so you are aware. I mean we're all adults here, but if nudity bothers you, maybe don't click). Apparently the girl who writes Imboycrazy inspired the above song from Father John Misty after making out with Joshua Tillman on a grave at a Halloween party. There you go. And that's how the internet happens people.

Anyway...JJAMZ! I dig. I can see this becoming a favourite summer album. I really dig the singer, Z Berg's gently croaky vocals. It's poppy, it's dancey, but it's also kind of dark...sensing a theme? Don't worry, my love for Taylor Swift will always balance out the darkness.

The gif of Thom Yorke makes my day. Many thanks to the aforementioned extremely cool friend for bringing this to my attention.

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