Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Trash & Treasure

When I was in my twenties I used to visit at least one op-shop (thrift store) a week. I'd buy all  sorts of rubbish, useful stuff, stuff. I had a number of different collections on the go and wasn't afraid of starting a new one if I saw something I liked. I've collected anodised aluminium cups and ice buckets (and anything else), vintage drinking glasses, 80s toys or stationery, novelty and childrens' mugs, snow domes, records, anything Muppet's or Sesame Street, 'Big Eye' pictures and so on and so on. Usually each collection reaches a point where I feel like enough is enough and I stop. Sometimes I even cull to refine what I have.

My anodised aluminium collection as it was approximately 10 years ago...
... and my Muppet collection as it was about 10 years ago.

After a few years of 'collecting', moving house at least twice made me realise that maybe, I had too much stuff and maybe, if faced with a major trauma in my life, I could possibly turn into a full blown hoarder. I had to think carefully about what I really wanted to keep and which collections really made me happy. I stopped going to the op-shops as often and slowly stopped acquiring things... well, I've never completely stopped but I've cut back a lot.

This weekend I gave myself a rare 'thrifting' treat. Our neighbouring suburb had a 'Spring Fair'. I dragged my little family along and spent a total of $4.50 on four different items at the Trash & Treasure stall and I even have plans for each of those items. Somehow I've changed my thinking... (and my husband might have helped me along with the occasional raised eyebrow or rolling eyes). Anyway, here are my purchases.

Purchase 1 - Another tapestry to hopefully become part of my tapestry floor rug, after I take it out of the frame of course.

Purchase 2 - A Barbie wardrobe just like the one (I still have) from my childhood. This one will probably go on to another home but I couldn't leave it behind because on the back of one of the closed doors are some '80s 'Bobby and Kate' stickers. '80s stationery is quite sought after in some circles and I am pretty sentimental about it myself. I always keep my eyes open for bits and pieces but don't have a lot of luck.

Bobby & Kate  stickers inside the wardrobe.

Purchases 3 & 4 -  A couple of little ceramic items destined to become planters for my kitchen windowsill. I particularly like the simple floral design on the bowl.


  1. Cute buys! You've given me an idea! I should visit more op-shops. I am doing a little poorly in terms of money at the moment. So going and seeing if there's something nice, maybe a new dress or something, that I like, instead of going and spending money at normal shops! Thanks for the great idea!! :D xx

  2. Thanks for the comment beauty babe! Georgia is a master of the cute and cheap purchase, that's for sure :)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Sometimes you can find some great treats in the clothing sections of the op-shops but sometimes it can take a few visits until you find a great buy. Often persistence pays off but the process can definitely be fun. :)