Saturday, 22 September 2012

20 Days to Organise and Clean - Update.

The Organised Housewife
The colds and flu are mostly gone from our house for now (touch wood) so it is catch-up time.

Week 1 went quite excellently! I hadn't seen our kitchen, laundry and living areas so sparkly clean for a long time. Unfortunately for the cleaning (but fortunately for the bank account) I had some work come in with a deadline that had to be met so instead of cleaning when the toddler slept I had to work... until now! That work project is done and dusted and I can get back to the actual dusting. Here are some (not particularly good) photos with a bit of before & after action.

Kitchen - before and after.
Laundry - (partial) before & after.

Neither the kitchen nor the laundry look this tidy a week or two later though but they are still a lot better than they were. It is true that it is much easier to keep a clean and tidy house if you start off with a clean and tidy house. 

Today I jumped ahead to the current challenge - tidying the outdoor patio area. I wonder how The Organised Housewife knew we were going to be having such lovely weather today? ;) I've swept, cleaned windows, moved outdoor furniture around and enjoyed the spring sunshine. Now I have to get back to the yuckier jobs like cleaning out the 'junk' drawer. In our house it is common to hear the question - 'Where's the sticky tape?' followed by the answer - 'Check the third drawer down.' It's a bit of a catch-all at the moment and I'm not looking forward to sorting that one out.

If you want to see how other people are going with their 20 day clean up then check out the weekly link-up at The Organised Housewife's blog. Some people are doing really well!

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