Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Sevens: 7 things Caroline is into this week

1. Mutemath

Mutemath are my new favourite band. Although they have been around for a few years now, I had never heard of them until earlier this year, when they toured Australia. Tragically, I only started listening to them after they had been and gone. A few of my friends saw them play, and when I heard about how the drummer gaffer tapes his headphones to his head before each gig, I knew I had to find out more. There is some subtly excellent at-organ grooving in this clip, and the bass player's hair is epic. Also, as in all great songs, double disco handclaps apply.

2. Chai tea made with rice milk.

I've mentioned before on Four Letter Birds that I have some crazy food allergies. Some of the lesser crazy ones are dairy and soy. Not a huge deal, but it makes finding a warming winter drink a little difficult at times. There is only so much peppermint tea a girl can handle. While rice milk by itself tastes a lot like well, liquified rice, it really makes some delicious beverages when other elements are added. I highly recommend it.

3. Once Upon a Time

It's taken me a little while to get into this TV show but I stuck with it given that one of Buffy's writers, Jane Espenson, now writes for this show. It really does have some of the elements that made Buffy so very Buffy - killing off characters that you really like, and occasional unabashed grossness. Human hearts, anyone? Currently Channel 7 is pumping out four episodes a week which is just fine with me, given that we're all binge watchers when it comes to TV now anyway. You all know I love Ginnifer Goodwin, but Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr Gold treads the line between good and evil so delightfully, you can't help but like the character even when you suspect he's being despicable. Plus you guys, Robert Carlyle! Remember Hamish MacBeth? That show was the business.

4. My own personal Kylie Minogue retrospective.

There's no one quite like Kylie, and she's been on high rotation in my car recently. I've seen her four times in concert and Georgia has seen her five - let's just say, there's a lot of Kylie love going on here at Four Letter Birds. This is my all-time favourite Kylie concert moment. I also think this is one of her most under rated songs - it definitely makes it into my Kylie top ten!

This Sydney label has been around for a while, and I know that Georgia is a big fan, but I've really only recently become a convert. The styling is comfortable and retro, without being costume-y, and it's all excellent quality. Reasons to like Dragstar are a-plenty, but here's a few key examples - because the items are not particularly trend-based you will get a lot of wear out of your choices, everything is designed and made in Sydney - buying local is fun! - and the clothes and accessories are just super cute really. What more could you want? Check out owner and designer Celia's Tumblr here. Inner-westies and ex inner-westies among us will appreciate.

One of my recent purchases and Dragstar faves...requires no ironing!! Win!

6. Sunshine

Although it's been incredibly cold this week (in my opinion...shhh Canadians and Europeans) we have had some beautiful sunny days here in Sydney. I'm lucky because my desk at work overlooks Darling Harbour and I can see all the way out to the Blue Mountains on a clear day. It's extremely distracting - and I'm easily distracted. All I can say is, bring on summer! My electric blanket needs a rest.

7. Lipstick.

It's something that I forget to wear, and then when I remember, I always kick myself for not wearing it all the time. As a gal who is paler than pale most of the time, especially in winter, I do need to make sure I add a little colour to my face so I don't look so wan. I particularly like the Jane Iredale brand of cosmetics, and their lipsticks are no exception, as they have a good range of colours and are particularly moisturise-y. They have all been given girl's names, and there is a particularly nice shade or red called Carrie that I'm rather fond of.


  1. Nice likes. :)

    I think I've seen Kylie six times now.

    2001 - On a Night Like This.
    2002 - KylieFever
    2006 - Showgirl Homecoming
    2008 - KylieX
    2011 - Aphrodite
    2012 - Anti-Tour


  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about the anti-tour! Lucky girl ;)