Thursday, 23 August 2012

Style challenge: Neon...and fluoro...and yellow...oh my.

I'm not a huge fan of all the neon that is making it's way into the stores for spring and summer. However, I know myself pretty well, and the likelihood that I will turn around at some point and decide that I MUST HAVE neon jeans is pretty strong. So, I thought I would hit the nail on the head, and do some advance planning.

I walked past Witchery the other day, and when I saw these neon yellow jeans I thought to myself - "What the frack do you wear with those?" And then I thought to myself, "Challenge accepted!" After a bit of thought, and some research I've come up with both daytime and nighttime options that I am mostly satisfied with. 

What I realised immediately with neon yellow, is that you can't immediately use the stalwarts of tan, black and navy blue that work so well with other coloured jeans. But that's okay - I like coloured jeans, and I'm glad they seem to be sticking around for a while. They really do make casual dressing a lot more fun and interesting.

I realised after a while, that the magic colour for neon yellow is grey. Which makes me happy, because I love grey. While the Helmut Lang jacket featured below is a bit of a stretch financially, you get what I'm going for, right? And a girl can dream...

I'm not as sold on chambray for the daytime option, but I do like the printed shirt... As in all things, I'd probably need to see it in real life to be sure. But hey, maybe I can make friends with neon after all?

Neon jeans - yellow

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