Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Girl Crush: Sofia Coppola

I realised a while ago that what I would really like in life, is to live inside the soundtrack to a Sofia Coppola film. I try to recreate these sonic experiences whenever I can, and my iPod is filling up with albums and EPs from bands like Girls, The Radio Dept and Beach House. 

Of course, living inside the soundtrack would also involve having Sofia's amazingly simple, yet cool style. I've never really understood cool - because caring about being cool, is inherently uncool, right? But not caring about being cool is also kind of fey, and does anyone really believe you when you say you don't care anyway? And knowing that you are cool is also uncool. But if you don't acknowledge it, even though you know it, well - then you're just  a phoney, as Holden Caulfield would probably say. I'm editorialising at this point, clearly. So can you ever be cool, without being kind of uncool?

ANYWAY. Sofia Coppola is cool. She's married to a French rock star, and runs around the world shooting wry yet beautiful fashion campaigns and movies. Somewhere was a treat -Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning were seriously delightful and I've seen Lost in Translation more times than I can count. It's one of my life's ambitions to hang out with Bill Murray in a hotel in Tokyo. I'm even a fan of the much maligned Marie-Antoinette

Sofia Coppola


  1. I really liked Marie-Antoinette. It might have been the wine I was drinking while watching it or the fact that I could keep saying 'I've been there' with every shot of the Palace of Versailles but it felt like a very luxurious film.

  2. It was so sumptuous and delicious!