Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Girl crush: Ginnifer Goodwin

Recently, I have developed quite the girl crush on actress Ginnifer Goodwin. It started with her hair cut. I'm obsessed with it. I created a whole board on Pinterest devoted to pixie styles, but it's really just an homage to Ginnifer. 

However, as I was clicking around the interwebs looking for images to pin (more! more! MORE!) I noticed what great style she has in general. She walks the fine line between being accessible and relatable for real girls with real budgets, and putting on the Hollywood glam quite successfully. Plus, she has an incredibly charming laugh and got her start in Ed, the TV show about the bowling alley lawyer. Remember that? Remember? REMEMBER?! Great show. 

Georgia and I used to watch it every week with our bro M, and eat Wizz Fizz. Don't ask me why the Wizz Fizz became an integral part of the Ed experience, but it got to the point where we would say things like "Oh, Ed is on tonight. I better go to the supermarket and get some Wizz Fizz on the way home."

Mmm, Wizz Fizz. Delicious.

Ginnifer Goodwin


  1. C-tap, ginnifer goodwin c'est tres chic, but I don't think you should get a pixie haircut ;-) also, Ed! I loved that show!

    1. We'll see - long hair is overrated! Also I miss that crazy bowling alley lawyer, and the $10 bets. Remember "burger me"?