Friday, 27 July 2012

Cover me:...I don't even miss her.

I was a bit concerned about talking about John Mayer again on Four Letter Birds so soon. I don't want you to get the wrong idea, after all. But the fact remains, that this is one of my all time favourite covers. I stumbled across it on YouTube one day, and must have watched it about 17 times in a row. 

One of the good things about Mayer, is that the musicians in his band are always, always top notch. The first time I saw him in concert, my friend and I were completely mesmerised by his drummer. He was like the energizer bunny of drummers - never stopped, never missed a beat - without being a show pony or the least bit cheesy. The two guitarists in this video are just as good, interesting and watchable as Mayer is - maybe even more so.

Let's face it - he's picked good material to start with. Tom Petty is the business, and always will be. If you disagree, I demand that you go and listen to everything he ever recorded, including with the Traveling Wilburys, right now. And then we'll talk.

Unfortunately I couldn't embed the video directly into this page, but just click through and watch it on won't regret it.