Thursday, 12 July 2012


My computer desktop is completely covered with icons and shortcuts. At times they even spill over to the invisible second screen that my computer thinks it has. And I should know better. I've done my share of tech-support when I worked at the uni. I tell myself, hey... delete or relocate one icon a day and then you'll have it under control in no time. Yep... and that happens once.

My web bookmark situation is worse. I love to 'browse' the net with at least five or six tabs open at once. When I see something I want to get back to at a later time I just drag it to the bookmarks toolbar... and it stays there... and it stays there... and I tell myself that I should delete or sort a bookmark or two each day and then it will slowly get under control. Ha! That happens once. One step forward, sixteen steps back.

Last night, when complaining to the husband that I couldn't think of anything to blog about he said to me 'What about bookmarks? Surely you can write something about bookmarks?' Fair call. I figure I might as well try going through my bookmarks and if I don't think a link is worth posting about here on the blog then it isn't worth bookmarking... more or less. I'm going to try 'A Bookmark a Day... Keeps the Hard Drive Crash Away... ' or something like that. So here goes!

A Bookmark a Day... Day 1.

Tea Towel and Tapestry Furniture by Suzie Stanford

Actually this relates to a project I'm working on at the moment. Some of you already know I am trying to collect tapestries to make a floor rug out of... a bit like this one at I'll blog about that soon enough I hope.

One of the tapestries waiting to be part of my floor rug.

Bookmark 1 - Filed under 'Craft'.


  1. I'm a multi-tab and multi-window offender of the worst kind. At least 4 windows open at a time, with 6+ tabs in each window.
    I need them all! They all do different things.
    I've found Pinterest and Pepperplate both help a lot with 'filing' tabs for later use.
    And I try to clear out once a week. If I haven't read, 'filed' or tweeted about it by then, then it can't be that important.

  2. I need them all too! You're good clearing out once a week though!