Sunday, 1 July 2012

Befores and Afters

There isn't much on television or the net that I love more than a 'Before & After'. Sometimes it feels like I just can't get enough. I am most partial to hoarding clean-ups and organisational before & afters, makeovers or weight loss before & afters and even a renovation before & after. I also love a bit of a montage or slide show to illustrate what has happened after the before to get to the after. I've often taken a snapshot at the start of a craft project or a clean-up but I can't say I've ever really gotten to the point where I can take an 'after' photo. I'm not great at finishing projects (although I am improving). I think I will try harder to finish some projects just to snap that satisfying after picture.

Since becoming a parent I have had to move all of my 'stuff' out of one of the bedrooms to make way for our toddler. This 'stuff' has since been conspicuously hiding in a corner of our lounge room for some time now. Some progress has been made but there is still a way to go before I can take the after photo. I can show you a 'before and during' comparison though, but I seem to have reversed the technique for good before & after shots here.

Clean-up before and during.

First lesson learned - there is an art to a good 'before & after'. The before shot above should have been taken at night with the harsh flash and the after shot in the soft, bright light of day. Somehow the before looks better here. So wrong. Lesson noted.

Stay tuned for more 'before and after' (or 'before and during') action.

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