Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Adventures in doing vaguely grown-up things...

I remember having a conversation with a friend once, during which I wondered when the time would be when I would stop buying fashion magazines and start buying gardening magazines instead. Well, although that time is not quite here, however I have noticed my consumption of InStyle and Vogue is waning and I've been to the nursery twice this year with my mum. TWICE. And it's only July.

I'm not known for my ability to keep plants alive - I've killed Rosemary, which apparently is pretty hard to do (it really isn't that hard at all) - but I've had a few pots of African Violets on my kitchen windowsill for over a year now and they are still alive. As a result, I'm branching out and attempting a little herb garden* on my balcony. At the moment it's just a bunch of pots with herbs in them, but I'm hoping to create something quite nice out there...I mean, it's only 18 months since I moved in. One day I'll really go crazy and buy some outdoor furniture so I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

*confession - the second trip to the nursery was because the herbs I bought in the first trip did not make it. They are in a better place now.

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