Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Bookmark a Day - Memory Lane

If you are nostalgic for your childhood toys and Christmases passed then you can take a long trip down memory lane browsing old American toy and gift catalogues  on 'Wishbook's' Flickr photostream. I've bookmarked too many pages that all spark fun memories so it is time to sort and file them. Here are just a few of my favourites. (All are linked from Wishbook's Flickr photostream. Click on the pages to see them larger at the Flickr website.)

1982-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P044
Great skates!
1982-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P2911983-xx-xx Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog P006
I found a red Smurf tote bag like the one above in an op-shop a few years ago.

The Sears mail order catalogue is something of an American institution. At least that's how I understand it from down here in Australia. I'm not sure we had anything quite like it here. The thick toy catalogues from Toy World or Uncle Pete's were great at sale time but I don't think they compared to these. 

1979-xx-xx Sears Canada Christmas Catalog P232
The Little Professor calculator! I still have mine somewhere.

1980-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P622
Our brother definitely had a parking garage very similar to this one.
1980-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P535
I spotted a mini record player on this page, just like the one my aunt and uncle had when I was a kid.
1981-xx-xx Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog P394
One Christmas I received the Tippee Toes doll seen on this page. (Unusually, I don't have it anymore.)
1980-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P513
On this page I spotted the Cinderella book with record that I had as a kid. Sing with me, Caroline - 'Work, work, work... I try not to complain... washing, mending, stretching, bending, every day's the same...'

Wishbooks' photostream  contains catalogues dating from the 1940s up to about 1996 so there is something for almost everyone to reminisce about. Thanks go to the person who scanned all these pages in for everyone to see. I'm not sure who they are but I enjoyed the memories.

Bookmarks culled and filed.

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